3 Ways You Can Make the Most of Cameras and Video Doorbells

A lot of our new customers think of home security as including things like door and motion sensors connected to a user keypad or touchscreen. What they often fail to realize that cameras and video doorbells can be installed, too.

These pieces of equipment can actually have daily uses that you might not have considered. In fact, let’s look at three of the most common ways you can make the most of them…

#1 To Keep Thieves and Burglars Away

Alarms and signage do a lot to deter thieves, but video doorbells and cameras can scare them away instantly. No criminal wants to be filmed breaking into a home or business and hearing the voice of a homeowner or business owner can frighten them off to prevent a confrontation.

#2 To Communicate with Employees and Family Members

Even without any kind of emergency, you can use cameras and video doorbells to keep in touch throughout your home or office. The larger your space is, the more likely you are to want to keep an eye on other rooms and areas. And, being able to communicate quickly without your phone can be a real advantage, too.

#3 To Accept Deliveries and Services

With cameras and video doorbells as part of your security system you can keep an eye on package and equipment deliveries. You can even give instructions to delivery personnel or with an automated door access lock, allow the delivery personnel to leave packages inside a secure location. That’s not just convenient, it’s a much safer way to deal with people you might not know and trust.

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