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When it Comes to Security There are no Minor Details

One thing homeowners and business owners love about working with SafePath is that we get the details right. For us, that’s only natural – we don’t think there are any minor details when it comes to residential and commercial security.

In order to have the best protection possible, you have to think through lots of possibilities and eventualities. Of course, that gets easier when you’ve been in the business for as long as we have.

Wondering what sorts of “little things” we pay attention to? Here are just a few…

Backup Power Options – do you know what happens to your security coverage if the power to your property goes out? At SafePath, we draw on backup batteries and alert notifications to keep our customers safe and all kinds of conditions.

Security Situation Protocols – it’s one thing to have an alarm at your home or business, and another thing for your security company to know what to do when it goes off. We have protocols to get help to your home quickly when you need it, while also avoiding unnecessary calls for accidental triggers.

Smart Home Integration – more and more customers are using personal home assistants (like Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home). We work with them to ensure they can integrate these devices when requested, without sacrificing personal security or confidential information.

Of course, these are just a few of the issues that come up when we design and install security systems for our residential and commercial customers. To learn more about our work or find out how we can better keep you protected, contact SafePath today at 770-792-6868.

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