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Why Home Security Systems are a Necessity for Work at Home Professionals

It goes without saying that we wish every home in North West Georgia and the Atlanta area would have a state-of-the-art security system installed. We’ve simply seen too many situations where our clients have been protected from break ins and when good cameras and intercoms might have made a difference had they been installed sooner.

However, in today’s post, we want to specifically point to a group of people who should think seriously about their security: professionals who work from home.

If you regularly do business from a home office, then we would invite you to reach out to SafePath today. Here are a few of the reasons why…

Many Break-Ins Occur During Business Hours – in movies, thieves always try to enter homes in the dead of night. In the real world, though, they are likely to stop by when they think you are at work. That could lead to potentially dangerous confrontations.

Your Home and Your Livelihood are at Risk – those who work at home are hit twice as hard when affected by a fire or burglary. That’s because they don’t just have the normal stress and loss associated with these troubles, but may also lose productivity and work files, causing their income to disappear.

Safety is More Cost-Effective Than You Might Realize – if you operate from a home office you might be able to write off home security as a tax deduction. Either way, it probably costs less than you would imagine to get the sense of safety you deserve.

If you work from home, we want to see you do it as safely as possible. Contact SafePath Security today at 770-792-6868 to learn more about our packages for residential and commercial customers.

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