What do Thieves See When They Look at Your House?

Often, when a home is burgled it comes as a great surprise to the owners. They may have imagined they were safer and more protected than they really were. That’s because every day law-abiding citizens don’t look at a property the way a criminal would.

Wondering what thieves see when they look at your house? Here are a few questions they ask themselves…

Who Lives at Your Address?

Criminals will try to draw clues about who might be living within a home from the size of the property, where it’s located, the number of cars in driveway, or even the mail that’s being received. Even if you live alone, do what you can to create the impression that the house is full.

Are There Signs You Aren’t Home?

If there are flyers piling up on your door, snow accumulating on your porch, or on open packages sitting around, criminals will be able to figure out that no one is home. That’s why it’s a good idea to have a neighbor or house-sitter stop by to make sure your property looks lived-in.

What Can be Taken Easily?

Most break-ins are quick crimes of opportunity. Thieves look for something they can take from your home quickly and get away with. Try not to leave high-value items visible from open windows, or even a street or sidewalk.

Do You Have the Two Things Thieves Fear?

Generally speaking, thieves will try to avoid homes with large dogs and state-of-the-art security systems. Given that some criminals don’t even fear dogs (many aren’t as protective as they seem), your best bet is to install cameras and alarms around the house.

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