What Makes Business Security Systems Different?

At SafePath, we are known for helping our customers to protect their homes, possessions, and loved ones. However, what many people don’t realize is that we also offer commercial security systems. In fact, we help thousands of businesses every year to keep employees, inventory, and even data safe.

Often, business owners and executives want to know: what makes business security systems different from home alarm and camera setups?

The short answer is that the two are very similar. Keeping your loved ones safe generally takes the same kind of equipment as ensuring your employees are protected from robbers. The same kind of cameras that can keep an eye on a stash of jewelry can help you to monitor inventory.

However, there are a couple of noticeable differences. Let’s touch on them very briefly:

• Many businesses need additional coverage, in terms of extra cameras, sensors, and keypads because their offices or facilities might be larger than a family home would be. That extra equipment makes a patient approach to installation even more important.

• Businesses, whether small or large, face different risks than people do. For instance, some companies have to watch out for fraud, employee theft, or even armed robbers.

Experience in this industry has taught us that every customer is different, and that value and service are always the key to building and maintaining long-term relationships. So, whether you’re looking for security for your home or business, call SafePath first!

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