Leaving Town for the Holidays? Here’s How to Protect Your Home…

If you’re heading out of town to see family, visit friends, or enjoy a well-deserved vacation during the holidays, here are a few good pieces of advice to keep in mind:

Phone a friend

Get in touch with a neighbor and let them know you’ll be out of town. Chances are, they’ll be happy to look in on your home while you’re gone.

Don’t leave clutter

While you’re at it, have your neighbor shovel the driveway, dust off any snow or leaves that accumulate on your car, and cleanup flyers or other materials. The last thing you want is for thieves to figure out that your home is unattended.

Avoid oversharing

In the digital age, it’s probably not surprising that thieves target out-of-town homeowners through social media posts. Don’t be too public with your travel plans.

Beat the rush

As you might expect, the holiday season is a busy time for home security companies. If you’re going to order and install a new alarm system, contact us as soon as possible to beat the rush.

The best way to protect your home during the holidays – not to mention the rest of the year – is to install a SafePath security system. Contact us today to see how easy it is to get the protection you need!

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