How to Prevent Business Burglaries

In many ways, protecting a business from break-ins and burglaries is similar to securing a home. However, the kinds of criminals who rob office buildings and retail stores tend to be more sophisticated, and better at planning. That means business owners and managers have to take extra steps to limit losses and damage stemming from crime.

To help you keep everyone of your locations safe and secure, here are a handful of things you can do to prevent business burglaries starting today:

Use strong locks and watch the keys

Strong, durable locks are an important deterrent to theft. Just be sure that you only give keys to employees you trust, and who really need them.

Use cameras and lots of lighting, both inside and outside

No criminal wants to be videotaped robbing you under strong lights and in high-definition.

Consider extra security for some items

If you have particularly expensive or easy-to-steal items in your business, consider installing secondary safes, security gates, or cages to deter criminals.

Put theft-reducing employee policies into place

Make sure your staff knows not to count cash out in the open, to exit the building through the rear door after dark, or otherwise create openings for burglars.

Get a great alarm system that keeps you protected

A good commercial security system can go a long way towards preventing burglaries, vandalism, and unauthorized entry to your business. This is an area where a small investment can pay big dividends.

As with residential burglaries, thieves who target businesses are on the lookout for easy targets. Follow these tips, and make sure your company isn’t one of them. Or better yet, call SafePath today and see how we can help you protect your business, employees, and inventory.

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