Common “Senses” and Home Security Systems

As we like to point out frequently, investing in modern home security is just good common sense. It’s unfortunate, but we live in a world where there are people who would like to do harm to you and your family and take away some of what you’ve worked so hard to protect.

With that being said, there is another kind of “sense” we want customers to think about. In particular, it has to do with what a home security system can see, smell, and feel that a human body can’t.

Let’s look at a couple of home security sensors that can make you, your family, and your pets safer…

Fire Warning Systems

It can take less than a minute for a small spark or flame to become a roaring fire that endangers you and your loved ones. That’s why our home security packages include smoke detection sensors that can not only sound an alert at the first sign of a flame, but also get in touch with the authorities on your behalf.

Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detection

Carbon monoxide can lead to illness or even death in a short period of time. Unfortunately, it isn’t something that can be smelled or felt by humans. With our CO detection systems in place, you can know that you’ll have plenty of warning if this dangerous gas is building up in your home.

Wouldn’t you like to know that you’re secure as possible in your own home? Contact a SafePath representative today and we can help you find the home security package that’s right for you.

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