How to reduce employee theft and increase overall revenue

Business decisions often revolve around profit and loss.

Security for business is no different.

Burglery, shoplifting, vandalism, employee theft, and fraud are just a few of the ways your company’s success could be negatively impacted if the right security measures aren’t in place.

A study by Washington University looked at employee behavior and showed technology-based monitoring reduced restaurant employee theft by 22%.

Interestingly, the monitoring actually had an even larger impact on productivity and sales, as well: On average, total revenue increased by 7% and drink revenue by 10.5%. Tips went up, too, by 0.3%.

The researchers theorized that as theft became harder, people redirected their efforts toward “increasing sales and customer service in order to regain some of that loss.”

This represents a win for both the employees, the business, and the customers!

As a business owner you can’t be everywhere all the time so consider video surveillance not only for the results this study proposes but also to simply monitor your assets every day, all day to give you the peace of mind that, if something happens, you’ll be in a better position to do damage control.

Having a security system for your company is just smart business

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