Do Your Holiday Decorations Make Your Home a Target for Burglars?

It’s easy for your holiday cheer to turn into a nightmare if you are the victim of a holiday season break-in. Unfortunately, burglars love the Christmas season because it means two of their favorite things: lots of merchandise lying around the house, and homes that are unattended while residents are away seeing friends and family.

That means, as terrible as it is to think, that burglars could be waiting to steal from you this holiday season. Here are a few things you can do to keep them away:

Invite ‘visitors’

Whether you have extra people in your home for the holidays or not, make it look like you do. Park a car in the driveway, or turn on TVs and other appliances so it seems like your house is full.

Don’t show off

Leaving lots of newly-purchased items in a place where they can be seen from your front window is a bad idea. Store valuables away, so burglars will be tempted to look for their next victims elsewhere.

Secure your home with an alarm

Burglars might love to see shiny new electronics and valuables, but they hate coming across a home that’s been protected with a state-of-the-art alarm system. Have yours installed, and leave up signs and stickers that show you’re protected.

There’s never a good time to deal with a break-in, but being robbed during the holidays is especially painful. Follow these tips to increase the odds that criminals will stay away, and then call the friendly team at SafePath Security to see how we can help you protect your property!

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